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Our design office is based in central Tokyo, just in front of one of the city’s main landmarks: Tokyo Tower.

We offer a wide range of services, from architecture and interior design for residential properties, offices, shops or hotels to complete building renovations.

On your behalf, we manage your project completely to match your tastes, your ideas and your dreams. Our international team of staff members can assist you in English in dealing with the complex world of Japanese carpenters, designers, architects and contractors, as well as the many rules and regulations.

We follow your ideas to find the perfect design for your project, proposing interiors, finishings, a wide range of materials and the perfect fabrics and colors to complete your space. We deal with many furniture brands in Japan—both domestic and overseas firms—and we can custom make the joinery to fit the size of your space and help you to meet the desires of your family or your customers.

It can be your family house, a Tokyo pied-à-terre, your new business office or even a great project, such as your dream hotel in the busiest and most populated city in the world. We can propose the right construction materials, architectural design package and interior atmosphere to fulfill your needs.

In recent years, Japanese residential properties have become increasingly popular among international residents and investors. Some of these people may be in Japan for work, while others may be drawn to the value of Japanese real estate properties.

However, communication can be a difficult obstacle to overcome in searching for the right property in Japan, particularly when requesting specific room layouts or special interior design. In order to prevent these difficulties, we regularly hold consultations with developers as well as real estate agencies to help them understand the needs of international clients.

Our English-speaking agent can help you.
Using our knowledge and expertise we have developed over the years,we wish to provide the best services to our customers.

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